Our aim is to facilitate agreements and provide solutions. We go for communication and efficiency.

Capleg Abogados has been founded in 2019 from the conviction that indeed it is possible for a lawyer to add value to business projects. The understanding of the industry and its situation, and the clarity of the responses, are key aspects for a good cooperation.

The proposal of Capleg Abogados targets those clients, in particular startups or new business projects, that face special situations in the corporate or international business fields, such as start-up of companies, new investments and financings, corporate shifts, internationalization, or undergo a complex corporate and business development requiring specialized legal support.    

Its founder has the experience of rendering legal services as associate in law firms and as corporate lawyer in multinational companies, with practice in various EMEA countries. Her approach to legal services is hence twofold, and very close to the client´s needs.

In order to build trust and help to reinforce the project by minimising uncertainties, it is essential to be able to detect at what point a lawyer should be involved or when it is not needed, to define and defend an effective legal strategy before the different partners, technical teams and management bodies, and to account for expenses, time investments and outcomes.

From this perspective, Capleg Abogados is aimed at covering legal needs currently demanded by the markets, reducing costs and terms.

We do not have numerous internal teams, nor grand offices in various locations, and we do not need bureaucracy or publishing our billing. Capleg Abogados has absolute availability to render specialized legal services there where they are demanded, when they are required, in the language that better eases communication, and with the independence essential to guarantee that the advice fits the condition of the client.  

We have the strong determination to offer solutions, obtain results and win your trust.